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Tech Lead Senior

CDI • Paris - hq

Cette offre est lié au département Software engineering

🚀  Our mission: Put the best of people and technology at the heart of the built environment(e)By combining the expertise of field engineers and the agility of technology, we seek to be a leading player in facilitating the economic, digital, environmental and social transition for the better and in particular in the advent of the smart building.

WeMaintain began in 2017 with a simple observation: for years, the relationships and treatment of asset owners, building managers and engineers have been kept to a minimum standard within the building maintenance industry(e)Elevators that only work every other day or escalators that break when you have a suitcase - does that sound familiar? This market is very niche and yet it represents 100 billion euros(e)In order to meet customer needs, WeMaintain has recently moved into fire safety systems through an acquisition in the sector.

We are challenging and disrupting the industry with the conviction that combining technology and innovation for the development of digital tools, and the enhancement of technical professions will be successful:

- By giving back autonomy, time and recognition to the engineers: the true experts in the field and indispensable for successful performance.
- By building our digital solutions with our own technology, hardware and software, in order to provide real-time, reliable and comprehensive data and information to optimise building management.

Everything in the company is built around its values: **Care, Grit, Uniqueness!** We make sure that we apply them every day, whether within our teams or with our customers and partners.

🇫🇷🇬🇧🇸🇬 After building a team of diverse backgrounds and skill sets, raising €38.8 million, opening Paris, London and Singapore offices and been adopted by transport, office and residential real estate players, such as Allianz Real Estate, KeolisAmey Docklands (Operators of the DLR), WeWork, Savills and CBRE, we are accelerating our growth, and for that, we need you!

🎯 About the role?

You will be working in the Infrastructure team, in charge of Dev Experience, Infrastructure, Continuous Deployment with Bastien, Louis, and our Data Engineer(e)The Infrastructure Squad are the main owners of these aspects and tech tools on a daily basis:
- AWS and overall Infrastructure
- Kubernetes, it’s Service Mesh and GitOps tooling
- GitHub CI/CD
- Data Tools, such as Kinesis Analytics, Redshift...
- IOT Infrastructure using AWS Greengrass

As the Tech Lead of the team, you will be responsible for challenging and developing the skills of the people in your team(e)You will also have a role as a mentor and evangelist of good practices to all the people in the engineering team.

The next projects for your future team? 
You will also have the opportunity to work in teams on several other topics during the year such as:
- Ensuring data & cloud security compliance
- Data engineering infrastructure
- Explore modern incident management methodology, such as chaos engineering, or monkey testing
- Develop smart resilience & service self-recovery

Your main task
- Ensure system security and connectivity,
- Within your team and the whole engineering team: to bring out the best practices and assist the teams in security, methodology and scalability practices,
- Manage the various incidents,
- Manage, help, challenge and develop your team,
- Manage interactions with other teams and stakeholders,
- Promote monitoring & observability and its adoption by other teams,
- Ensure security practices across the entire engineering team,
- Leading team workshops (Quarterly OKR, Sprint planning, Roadmap),
- Design software and cloud architecture with other team members
- Improve the current infrastructure (Kubernetes, AWS, istio,...).

👑 You are the right person for us if:
- You can identify DevOps improvement, and lead changes
- AWS (or an other cloud), Kubernetes and Docker have no secrets for you
- You have already been in an environment where scalability was a real issue
- You are organised and autonomous, proactive in implementing solutions that seem relevant to you
- You are curious and like to test new technologies with best practices - you like to make POCs or test new tools and solutions
- You have already led a project and a team
- You know how to question yourself
- You have good written and verbal communication skills to work both now and asynchronously
- You are comfortable in English

What we offer you:
- Continuously improve the infrastructure of a fast-growing business, bring innovation while keeping the lights up
- Lead and be challenged by a team driven by a strong trial & error mindset and thirsty for challenges
- A close-knit and willing team
- You are looking for a good atmosphere and a good understanding
- Work on concrete topics and see your impact very quickly
- A balance between professional and personal life, be the owner of your self-organisation
Recruitment process:

- Call or virtual meeting with Mélina, our recruiter in charge of this position - 30 Min
- Meeting (virtual or real) with Fabien, our actual Lead SRE - 1h
- A technical exercise to do at home - 1 week
- Debrief of the technical test with at least 2 people from the team - 45 Min
- Leadership interview with Tim - 30 Min
- Fit interview - 45min
- Welcome to WeMaintain! 🎉

Why join us?

 1️⃣Like any start-up, we offer you:

- 50% reimbursement of transportation costs
- 50% reimbursement of mutual insurance costs
- Memorable parties every 3 months
- Ambition and challenges

2️⃣Like some start-ups, we also offer you:

- A team of inspired and inspiring colleagues able to talk to you about their project for hours
- To provide you with the best possible set-up so that your remote working conditions are optimal (screens, chair, mouse, headset, keyboard and everything else you will need)
- A caring and adaptable work environment for any situation
- Regular exchanges with each member of the team, regardless of country
- To choose your own work rhythm: face-to-face, remote-partial or full remote
- 50% of your Gymlib subscription fee is covered
- Support for your mental health thanks to Moka.care (https://www.moka.care/)
- BSPCEs, for all employees
- A well-groomed arrival, with a welcome pack and a well thought-out onboarding

3️⃣ Like no other start-ups, we offer you the possibility:

- To belong to a journey where each collaborator has role to play: inclusive recruitment processes, Q&A sessions with the co-founders, a team weekly where transparency is a must
- To be in a work environment where feedback, diversity and trust are intertwined(e)For example : for feedback, 360s are organised regularly; for diversity, we make sure that the team is not an army of clones; for trust, we don’t monitor each employee’s working hours
- To feel a desire to surpass ourselves together
- To meet passionate people, who come from very different jobs and backgrounds
- To advance quickly in your career if you wish
- To join a company with a very high level of ambition
- To disrupt an unsexy yet very interesting market!

In a world with Covid, we have:

- Generalised remote policies very early on
- Provided psychological support
- Delivered work chairs and screens for those who needed them
- Changed the organisation to ease exchanges between businesses and between countries
- Strengthened HR tools to ensure better follow-up of each person (15five 🧡 Progression)

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