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🐼 Who we are

Alan is your friend in health.

Alan's long-term goal is to make personal, proactive and holistic health part of people’s daily life, striving to be the world’s most member-centric healthcare company(e)Our employees join Alan because they truly believe in this mission. 

As of today, Alan operates in 3 countries (🇫🇷, 🇧🇪, 🇪🇸) and covers more than 350,000 members, representing over €240m+ of annualized revenue(e)We recently raised a further €183m in a series E funding round bringing the company’s total valuation to €2.7bn(e)The team is 500+ people and growing. 

🤘 How we do it ?

People joining Alan are always surprised and delighted by our innovative working method(e)We have a set of cultural values that guide our approach to work, such as:
- Members first(e)We put our members first, our team second, our shareholders third.
- Radical Transparency(e)We make all choices in writing and adopt a direct and honest style of communication.
- Personal & Team Growth(e)We are self-improving whilst helping others grow(e)We’re no ego-doers and we all edit the company.
- Distributed Ownership(e)We trust our colleagues to make the right choices(e)We are not afraid to fail fast individually to learn collectively in the long run.
- Fearless ambition(e)We shoot for the moon and work backwards(e)We focus on solving complex problems with simple principles far from ready made ideas.

⭐️ The Business Segment Lead role ⭐️

We have segmented the French market in several business segments, each of them corresponding to a category of clients (whether by size, or industry).

The role of a Business Segment Lead is to reach market leadership in their segment, profitably(e)
To succeed, this person will have to (1) articulate a vision for their segment (including what a differentiated customer experience looks like), (2) define priorities and ensure they get appropriate resources to deliver and (3) facilitate or ultimately make swift and principled decisions with imperfect information on their segment.

This includes defining, for their segment:
- Market overview: size, competitors, customers’ pain points and needs;
- Value proposition, positioning and offer (incl(e)pricing): what makes us differentiated from the market, and why people would pick us; what is the best product range to become the leader on this segment; at what price;
- Go-to-Market strategy/distribution: channels, sub-segments, stakeholder management; renewal and expansion strategy (account management);  
- P&L ownership: segment P&L (number of employees, average premium, average gross margin, and associated costs); 
- Translating market insights into business decisions (including product tradeoffs)

The Business Segment Lead constantly and iteratively builds the case on the return on investment of extra or less resources allocated for the segment. 
The Business Segment Lead will closely work with all the different teams involved in the success of the segment (Product, Insurance, Sales, Marketing), including other industry leads (especially as Enterprise is somewhat industry agnostic) to build knowledge, share their needs, and create alignment around a long-term value plan.At Alan, we operate with distributed ownership(e)A person who is accountable ultimately owns and stands by the decisions being made in their area of accountability(e)Being accountable doesn't mean being able to dictate decisions.

Zoom on the Enterprise Segment

The Enterprise segment is a critical driver of Alan’s growth and one where we are still iterating. 
During the past 3 years, the team has worked closely with Product and Marketing teams to build a product & sales approach that would fit with Large companies’ needs(e)We have now reached a stage where we no longer have major product gaps, work with several great Large companies, and are perceived as a serious contender by many more.
Over the next few years we will need to work on 3 main prioritiesRefining our go-to-market strategy - particularly when it comes to positioning Alan in RfPs for very large corporatesBuilding a plan allowing us to reach a healthy margin on the segment without harming acquisitionFurther investing in product development to reinforce our differentiation 

⭐️ Who are we looking for? ⭐️

- Generalist profile, able to build a 360 view of their segment, combining business sense and a strong understanding of product considerations
- Experience dealing with enterprise business including managing RfPs and complex sales cycles with multiple (including very senior) stakeholders 
- Prior experience leading a business (product category, business segment, etc.)
- Exceptional ability to communicate effectively with senior leadership and align multiple stakeholders  in a collaborative way 
- Critical thinking, problem solving skills  and deep analytical rigor(e)
- Able to craft clear recommendations/strategies in spite of complexity/uncertaintyAbility to get their hands dirty / self-starter
- Fluency in English & French (must-have)

⭐️ Key outcomes within the first year ⭐️

- We have met or exceeded our target for the segment We have a clear understanding of market dynamics 
- We have refined our positioning and value propositionWe have refined our acquisition strategy and margin targets 
- We have a strategy to better address key stakeholders, including unionsWe work closely with other product areas (Alan as a Service for example) to push the best solutions for our customers
- The segment is set-up for success in terms of organization 

At Alan, we believe that being in good health is a basic need, and it starts with our employees(e)This is why Alaners are provided with a stimulating environment and perks ensuring they are happy, efficient and spend only high-quality time with co-workers. 

Therefore, we offer:
- Fair rewards(e)Generous equity packages complement your base salary.
- Flexible Office(e)Amazing office space at our HQ, sponsored co-working hubs or a full-remote experience with home office equipment sponsorship, we want you to live where you’re the happiest.
- All the tools you need(e)Top of the range equipment: Macbook Pro, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor, and Bose noise-canceling headphones.
- Flexible vacation policy and flexible working hours(e)organize your  time as you  wish.
- Delightful healthcare insurance(e)Extremely comprehensive health insurance - 100% of the contribution covered by Alan for you and your family.
- Transport(e)Country-specific commuter benefits.
- Learning & Training opportunities(e)A highly  flexible Training policy free books and budget to attend and speak at conferences if the opportunity arises.
- Parental leave(e)Extended parental leave for all new parents.

Important note: we hire people not roles. 

After reading this job description, if you feel like you don’t have all the necessary prerequisites but that it matches where you are now or what you'd like to grow into in your next position, we encourage you to apply!

Not everybody will enter our recruitment process, but all, no matter how underrepresented, should feel free to apply as it can only bring learnings or success.

🔖Check out our About Alan and Career pages, as well as our Medium & blog for more info.

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