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IT Director

CDI • Montréal

Cette offre est lié au département Technologie de l'information (it)

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Coming from all walks of life, we are united by passion(e)Each new project is a blank page waiting for the creativity and talent of everyone, regardless of responsibilities, roles or areas of expertise(e)Having the desire to invent, to try, to fail in order to start over and to learn from others allows us to collectively participate in projects that are bigger than ourselves(e)Today, thanks to a team of nearly 400 creative people, we have the chance to create immersive multimedia environments for artists, museums, airports, brands, theme parks and events, in addition to our signature shows(e)Whatever the canvas, the thirst to experiment and innovate in video, lighting, multimedia architecture, sound design, special effects and interactivity is at the heart of our DNA.  


Our IT department thinks outside the box(e)More than just a service department, it has become an integral part of the studio in a creative, resourceful and proactive way(e)We collaborate effectively and humbly with other teams(e)We set IT standards and share information openly(e)We build value by optimizing and simplifying processes.


In collaboration with the Technology Director, you will be called upon to take over the IT department under your direction in a gradual manner (a few months)(e)With excellent communication skills, you neutralize tensions, analyze data, popularize information and articulate everything in a simple and efficient manner(e)You are able to anticipate needs and survey the field(e)You will be responsible for managing the team, organizing priorities and delegating tasks according to the studios' current projects(e)You will be responsible for leading team meetings and taking responsibility for delivery schedules(e)You act as a mentor and motivator by ensuring the well-being and development of your team(e)Together with the Technology Manager, you will reflect on the strategies and the medium/long term vision of the department(e)You are responsible for the evolution, optimal operation, security and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and ERP of our studios (Montreal, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Singapore)(e)You will oversee the management of the box office and ensure outstanding customer service(e)You will be responsible for overseeing the company's production support tools development team(e)You will be in charge of managing, with the team, the migration of the company, currently on-prime, to the cloud(e)Finally, you will establish an annual budget and ensure a close follow-up of expenses and investments. 


  • Strategy and Vision :
  • Establish the medium/long term strategies and vision of the department;
  • Support and advise the various divisions in the analysis of their needs, make recommendations on solutions and technological orientations and ensure their integration;
  • Play an influential role in the establishment of a modern vision, the deployment of best practices and in the prescription and realization of technological projects emanating from its sector;
  • Creation of annual budget, optimization of budgets;
  • Responsible for analyzing financial data and ensuring budget compliance;
  • Be close to the finance department and business units for the development of our ERP tools. 

  • Team management :
  • Responsible for managing the Information Technology team;
  • Manage his staff by giving great importance to the mobilization of your peers' efforts, to the development of skills and to the management of the succession for each of the key positions of his team;
  • Communicate, simplify and popularize information;
  • Anticipate needs and survey the field;
  • Agilely and dynamically lead team meetings;
  • Organize priorities, delegate tasks and follow up on projects;
  • Be the technical resource person for the team.

  • Infrastructure, tools and services :
  • Responsible for the evolution, optimal operation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure (Networking, Wifi, Storage, VMs, IT Equipment...);
  • Ensure the security of systems and networks in a creative and transparent way;
  • Ensure the security of personal and corporate data;
  • Establish an innovative IT infrastructure plan on a global scale;
  • Manage the migration of IT systems to the cloud;
  • Manage the documentation of internal customer procedures;
  • Ensure the management, maintenance and continuous development of our ERP Tools;
  • Ensure the management of the conference rooms;
  • Ensure outstanding customer service.

  • Teamwork :
  • Participate in the staffing process in collaboration with the Human Resources and Recruitment Department;
  • Always be available to listen;
  • Be transparent and considerate when making decisions that directly affect the team;
  • Creatively direct and simplify needs;
  • Collaborate closely and effectively with other teams.


  • 10 years of experience in the information technology field and/or other emerging technology related sectors;
  • 5 years of experience as a team manager;
  • Experience in operations, technology innovation and/or events (strong asset);
  • Technical field experience (strong asset);
  • Knowledge in the field of migration, transition to a Cloud platform (strong asset);
  • Advanced knowledge of French and English, both oral and written.


  • Ability to integrate into a team with collaborative aspirations;
  • Open-mindedness;
  • Ability to listen;
  • Firmness in the decision-making aspect;
  • Excellent talent management skills;
  • Fun to be around!
  • High resistance to creative chaos and stress;
  • Importance of internal customer service;
  • Rigor, organizational skills and mastery of priority management;
  • Creativity and versatility in problematic situations;
  • Curiosity and active listening skills.
If you are a good fit for this position, we invite you to submit your application now(e)We are not able to follow up with every applicant, so only those selected will be contacted(e)Thank you for considering a career at Moment Factory(e)We look forward to meeting you!

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